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Cairo Cables is a leading manufacturer of electrical cables and specialized cables established in 1980.And it has evolved from a local manufacturer to a giant manufacturer in the field of electrical and power cables.With a production capacity of more than 150,000 kilograms of electrical cables and more than 2,000,000 meters of various sizes of wire and cables per month, thanks to the availability of the latest machines in the field in addition to the efficiency of engineers, Technicians and employees of the company, which contributes to increasing the production movement and production capacity. Since 2007, 50% of Cairo Cable Company's products are exported abroad such as Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Libya and the United Arab Emirates.The evolution and prosperity of the communities in which we operate is a vital part of our mission as we facilitate the global transition towards a sustainable energy-based future.In line with our 2030 Sustainability Strategy aims to expand and enhance its positive impact and provide energy services to our growing customer base, we are committed to doing our best to serve our customers with an interest in the environment and aim to use our knowledge of our environmental impact to develop more sustainable business scenarios and better evaluate our future politicians.


To become a global leader in providing energy solutions and services while maximizing the value our customers receive.

The Message

To provide our customers and communities with integrated, efficient and safe energy solutions and services, through a team with exceptional expertise and competencies.


To be ethical, honest and transparent in all our work.

Responsibility, commitment and cooperation

Take responsibility for our actions and decisions.Fast completion and delivery of projects.Upholding the values of equality, humility and respect for others.Collaboration and teamwork

Customer satisfaction

Providing exceptional customer service at the local and global levels, by providing innovative products, services and solutions of high quality.


Always strive to innovate, develop and disseminate the latest technologies.Pursue the best means to improve performance.


Striving for excellence in every aspect of our business.Face difficulties with determination and determination to succeed.

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